Battle GatehouseBattle Area Community Transport


Flexible Route B80 - Mountfield, Ticehurst, Tunbridge Wells.
2nd Friday of the month

This service will broadly follow the existing arrangements but it will become more flexible as follows:-

- Passengers can be picked up in any part of Ticehurst, Flimwell and Stonegate, where it is practical to take a bus.

- The service will run every 2 months (not monthly as now) starting on Friday 14 May and then on 9 July, 10 September and 12 November.

- It is intended that the service will leave Ticehurst Square at 10.00 and all other pick-up times and locations will be arranged accordingly.

- Arrival in Tunbridge Wells will be around 10.45 . Passengers may alight at Sainsburys or the Five Ways. The return journey will leave at 14.30. Arrangements will be made by the driver to pick-up passengers from Sainsburys on the day. For example, they may wish to be dropped off there on the outward journey and stay there all of the time;or they can use local buses to travel to the Five Ways and be picked up there; or the service could leave Five Ways at 13.15 and spend an hour at the Sainsburys complex (including Homebase) with all passengers and depart from there at 14.30.

Fares will remain as now : £5.25 Mountfield, £4.70 Robertsbridge, and £3.70 for the Ticehurst area. These are single one way fares. Child fares are half the adult rate.


All seats must be booked at least 48 hours in advance with Peggy Langdown Tel: 01580 200599